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Exhibit of the Month: February 2024
The manuscript marked with catalogue number NK X A 19, dated to the first half of the 14th century, contains Historia Scolastica by Peter Comestor. In this work, Comestor paraphrases...
Montenegrin Cyrillic Printing
Montenegro is one of the first countries, in which printing was developed after the invention of printing press. Thanks to the ruling Crnojević family, Oktoich or The Octoechos...
Open Preservation Foundation
The Open Preservation Foundation (OPF) is pleased to welcome The National Library of the Czech Republic as a new member over this past year. OPF is a key organisation...
The NL Experts in the IFLA Management
During the IFLA sessions, two experts from the National Library of the Czech Republic, Petra Vávrová and Tomáš Klimek, have been appointed to the management of the IFLA professional sections.
Exhibit of the Month - January 2024
A hand-coloured map of the southwestern part of Mexico, printed in1623, is displayed as the exhibit of the month. It is part of the Atlas by renowned cartographer Gerard Mercator.
Temporary closure of the Reading Room
From Monday 22 January 2024, the Periodicals Reading Room will be temporary closed for technical reasons. Delivery of selected shelfmarks from the Library and Information Science...
The Jubilee Exhibition of Nativity Scenes
A representative display features the works of the best contemporary creators of Nativity scenes in the Czech Republic. It is held on the occasion of the 800th anniversary...
Exhibit of the Month - November 2023
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the establishment of the Music Department, the NL displays a print of an important work written by its founder, composer Ladislav Vycpálek.
In the Name of the Belarusian Nation…
The exhibition commemorates 100 years from the arrival of the exile government of the Belarusian Democratic Republic in Prague that became the centre of Belarusian exile...
Opening hours from September 4, 2023
Complete opening hours overview from September 4, 2023 to December 31, 2023. The National Library will be closed on Bank Holidays September 28 and October 28, from November 17...
Exhibition: Czech High Gothic in Models
Presented are 20 physical models of buildings from the High Gothic period at a scale of 1:100, created by students and pedagogues of the Architecture and Civil Engineering...
Guided tours open again
The Astronomical Tower and the Baroque Library (guided tour) was newly opened on 1 April 2023. A unique sightseeing tour through a part of the Klementinum, the former Jesuit college...
Free registration for Citizens of Ukraine
We offer citizens of Ukraine free registration in the NL. After registration you will get access to the collections, online sources and library services - more in Ukrainian.
We fully support Ukraine!
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