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Božena Němcová. Her Personality, Work ...
The exhibition presents Božena Němcová in mutual tension among the known biography, her literary work and its later functioning in Czech culture and its response in the world.
The NL services
The National Library provides on-site library service to the public in a limited mode. Survey and conditions of providing services ...
Exhibit of the Month - January 2022
Bible of Halle is the evangelical redaction of the biblical text in Czech. The first edition of the Bible of Halle was published as early as 1722, the third edition followed in 1766.
Discovery service EDS
Find an article or book on specific topic in discovery service EDS. Search catalogue of the NL, Union catalogue of the CR or licensed databases at one time.
Rudolf Dvořák: Ex oriente lux
The exhibition dedicated to life anniversary of Rudolf Dvořák, first Professor of Oriental Studies at Czech Charles-Ferdinand University, an Arabist, Iranian specialist ...
University Dispute Theses in the NL
Ten years ago, the Prague collection of 526 prints of university dispute theses kept in the National Library was included in the UNESCO´s Memory of the World Register.
Exhibit of the Month - December 2021
The Map of the War Expedition in Bohemia Sheet I / Kriegs-Expeditions-Karte in Böhmen (Nuremberg, 1743) shows the battle of Prague at the beginning of the War ...
Kramerius 3 in operation again
After the cyber attack that hit the National Library in the spring of this year, the Kramerius 3 application is now operational again and users can view its digitized content.