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Hostivař Reading Room


Based on the provisions of the Article nr. 12, para 1 of the Rules and Regulations of the National Library of the Czech Republic.

  1. Kindly leave your outer garments and pieces of luggage in the designated area. Do not bring food and drinks in the reading room.
  2. Enter with writing things only. Do not bring ink pens, bottles of ink, scissors, glue, and/or sharp things in the Reading Room. If you urgently need them turn to staff at the supervisor´s desk. When working with items from the National Archival Collections, kindly use a soft-lead pencil only. Never put anything, especially exercise book, paper etc. to write notes, on top of a book or item from the library collections. Do not use any glue, scissors, knifes, rubbers and/or stickers, when you work with the library items. Whatever intervention in library items - such as underlining, highlighting, writing notes, sticking or gluing paper slips, etc. - is prohibited. Any breach of this rule will be sanctioned in accordance with the Rules and Regulations National Library of the Czech Republic (i.e. the withdrawal of the right to use the library items from the National Archival Collections, especially the refusal of services of the Special Protection Regime -ZOR- Items Reading Room and the Manuscripts and Early Printed Books Reading Room, and that of particular services of Hostivař Reading Room).
  3. You may bring your own study material (e.g. printed documents) in the Reading Room only with prior permission from staff at the supervisor´s desk, namely only if it is necessary for your study of National Archival Collection items.
  4. Do not use books and other library items as writing pads. Do not place the open book flat with the back side facing up and do not lay any things on them. Use of cradles or bolsters to support books while viewing or reading is highly recommended to avoid their too wide opening. Staff may order their use.
  5. The library items (books, newspapers, journals, and special documents) from the National Archival Collection of the National Library of the CR and/or the Slavonic Library may be studied in the Hostivař Reading Room only after the confirmation of the loan from the Main Hall and /or the Slavonic Library, both based at the Klementinum. The ordered items will be is-sued to you together with a research form upon producing your reader card.
  6. There is a small refrence library in the Reading Room at your disposal.
  7. Do not remove any National Library Collection item from the Reading Room.
  8. Kindly keep silence in the Reading Room and keep the room tidy. Be considerate towards other users. It is prohibited to use the mobile telephones in the Reading Room, kindly switch them off before entering the Reading Room.
  9. Use only one vacant seat for your study. A seat may be assigned to you obligatorily by staff.
  10. The National Library Collection items will be issued to you only for study at a regular user seat in the Reading Room. If all user seats in the Reading Room are occupied, no other user will be al-lowed into the Reading Room and thus, no library item will be issued to him/ her.
  11. Readers may have issued up to 5 volumes for check-in loan and for reservation, the number of volumes of periodicals is set on the agreement with staff. The period of reservation is one month from the date of issue or from the date of the last visit to the Reading Room. If you have special requirements, kindly turn to staff at the desk.
  12. Kindly take the utmost care of all library items issued to you. A trolley is available to ease the handling of large-size items. In certain cases, its use may be ordered obligatorily by staff.
  13. Before leaving the Library, return all library items issued to you to a member of staff at the supervisor´s desk and a duly completed researcher´s form.
  14. In case you need to have made a reproduction of a printed original from the collections of the National Library of the Czech Republic, kindly turn to staff at the desk. Further deatils are available in Supplement 2 of The National Library of the Czech Republic Rules and Regulations: Rules for Copying and Copy Distribution in the NL of the CR.
  15. You may not use your own digital camera to make a reproduction for your personal use without prior permission from staff at the desk and submitting a duly completed statement. When making reproductions, you must observe the specific regulations covering the handling of the National Archival Collection items and you must not use flash or other light resources.
  16. You may use your portable personal computer in the Reading Room.

Prague, 16th October 2007

PhDr. Bohdana Stoklasová
Director, Library Collections and Services

Bohdana Stoklasová