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Rules for Copying and Copy Distribution

Supplement 2 to The National Library of the Czech Republic Rules and Regulations

I. Copying on site

  1. Whenever condition of a library unit permits a user makes own copies. The user ought to handle the library units with care. Library staff decide whether a library unit may be so copied. A fee for self-service copying is listed in the Fees and Services Price List.
  2. If copies from a library unit cannot be made by a user the National Library would supply those copies upon request. A fee for ordered copying is listed in the Fees and Services Price List. The National Library decides on the best method of reproduction (photostat copy, microfilm, photography, scanning). A user may decide on a reproduction technique if there is a permissible choice. Additional fee is charged for a cutout as listed in the Fees and Services Price List.
  3. When requested by a disabled user, the National Library will copy items, which are meant for self-serve copying at the price of self-service.
  4. When a registered user places an order for copying to be done by the library he ought to correctly fill out the Photoduplicating Services Work Order Form and mark pages to be copied following the library staff instructions. If there is information missing on the order form the National Library reserves a right to charge an extra fee for completion of missing information, or not to fill the order altogether.
  5. Registered user may request a photographic reproduction of a picture. A size of the negative is decided by the National Library, size of the photography is up to the user. The user may ask to purchase the negative. Price of photographic reproductions is listed in the Fees and Services Price List. There is an additional charge according to the Fees and Services Price List for photography from a library unit that is subjected to the Special Régime.
  6. Registered user may request copies from microfilms and microfiches, particularly printouts from microfilms (A4 and A3 formats) and from microfiches (A4 format), microfilm copies and enlarged photos. A photographic enlargement made from a negative microfilm may be of lower quality. Price for this service is listed in the Fees and Services Price List.
  7. Copying on demand is done as soon as possible on the first come first serve basis but not extending three weeks (copies and microfilms over 30 pages) and up to one week for copies of less than 30 pages.
  8. Upon request, the National Library supplies digital copies of selected library units. If a user wants to make a digital copy using own equipment he has to ask for permission in advance. A breach of this regulation is regarded as a serious violation of the Library Rules and Regulations.
  9. Payment for copies is usually made in cash at the library cash desk when they are picked up. Copies ordered in the library may be sent to the user COD or faxed. In such cases the National Library charges real cost to the user.
  10. The National Library is not responsible for lower quality of reproduction if the user has been apprised of such a possibility beforehand or if the lower quality of the reproduction results from the quality of the original.

II. Electronic document delivery

  1. The National Library provides electronic delivery of reprographic copies. Prior to using this service a user must open a User’s Account in agreement with the National Library stipulations. A User’s Account is a space on the National Library server protected by an assigned password. This space contains information on holder’s account balance, account statement and a list of the National Library services.
  2. User’s Account is activated after a deposit of minimum 50. - CZK (in cash, by postal order or bank transfer) is made and order form is filled out.
  3. This account must be by used by an authorized user only. One user may have only one account.
  4. As a rule a user orders and pays for electronically provided services through his account. After an order is filled, the National Library deducts from the account the cost of the service according to the Fees and Services Price List. If the account is used up the library will not accept any requests for chargeable service until the user makes the account good. An annual account statement is supplied free of charge.
  5. If a user wishes to close his account the National Library discharges all his debts and returns all left over money.

III. Other methods to order copies and their delivery

  1. Copies of items in the National Library collections can be ordered by letter, fax, e-mail or by filling out www form. In these cases there is no need to fill out Photoduplicating Services Work Order Form but the National Library charges an extra fee for order processing (completing publication details and page indication).
  2. Delivery of the copies depends on means of reproduction and type of requested service. Copies may be picked up in person, sent by mail or faxed, or placed in User’s Account (see Part II of this supplement).
  3. Payment can be made in cash at the library cash desk, by Coupon-Réponse International, bank transfer or through User’s Account (see Part II of this supplement). Copies could also be mailed COD. Apart from paying for copying a user is charged real cost of delivery.

Jana Huňová