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Legal Deposit Copy of Non-periodical Publications

At present, the legal deposit copy of non-periodical publications is based on Czech laws in force, namely it is ruled by that of Dig. Nr. 35/ 1995, i.e. by the Law on Non-periodical Publications. In principle, a publisher is obliged to submit five legal deposit copies in total: out of them two to the National Library of the Czech Republic in Prague, one to the Moravian Land Library in Brno, one to the Research Library in Olomouc, and one to a regional research library according to a seat of the publishers´ office. A publisher is obliged to offer his/ her publications for sale to selected libraries (Decree of the Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic Dig. Nr. 156/2003).

Complete legislation concerning the legal deposit copies of non-periodical publications and addresses of libraries in question – see the Czech version.

Vlasta Havelková