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Instructions for Use of Self-Service Photoduplication Services

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National Library of the Czech Republic allows making self-service copies from designated library units and parts of its collections.

  1. Self-service copies may be made especially from the following originals - bound volumes from the National Library collections (1a – 1b):
    1. specification according to the physical condition:
      • size of the closed original may not exceed A4 format
      • binding of the original allows its opening up to the angle of 180
      • original is not made of fragile (brittle) paper
      • spine of the original does not exceed the width of 8 cm
      • original is in good condition (i.e. it is a cohesive block without loosen sheets, the sheets are neither crumpled nor torn)
      • unbound folded inserts /supplements/ are exempt from self-service copying permission
    2. specification according to the incorporation in particular NL collection - the conditions stipulated in para a) must always be observed:
      • study collection (shelf marks of the dept. SF I - III) and a collection of Angl shelf mark
      • reference libraries and reference collections, except for the Manuscript and Early Printed Books Department and copies marked by the curator of particular reference library as not allowed for self service copying
      • domestic literature of the imprint date from 1935 up to the present
      • all literature in foreign languages, except for Bohemical documents in foreign languages, of the imprint date from 1901 up to the present
      • collections of the Slavonic Library except for documents kept in vaults
      • collections placed in the Library and Information Science Library, except for internal documents of the National Library of the Czech Republic intended only for internal use and information and marked like that - such materials may not be copied at all
  2. Permitted for self-service copying are, furthermore, unbound originals and folded documents but only under the condition that they are in good condition and of the format corresponding to the working area of the copying machine to be used.


  3. Self-service copying equipment is available for users in:
    • Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room
    • Reference Centre
    • Periodicals Reading Room
    • Slavonic Library
    • Main Hall
  4. Instructions for users of self-service photoduplication services:
    1. In making self-service copies, a user is obliged to follow instructions of a library supervisor, who determines the way of copying and, if need be, the procedure of copying each library unit. The user is obliged to observe the determined way of making copies. Disobeying of such instruction may result in the cancellation of rights to use National Library services. All possible exceptions from self-service copying permission may only be decided by a library suprvisor.
    2. A user is allowed to make self-service copies from his/ her own materials up to A4 format.
    3. Only black-and-white copies may be made in the National Library self-service copying regime.
    4. A user who intends to make self-service copies on his / her own electronic equipment must always ask a library supervisor for the permission. Supervisor´s instructions are obligatory for a user.
    5. Originals subject to copyright are allowed for copying exclusively for one´s personal use.
    6. Library units that are not allowed for self-service copying are copied to order in the National Library.
    7. Library units that are allowed for self-service copying are copied to order in the National Library on request of a disabled user for the same price as charged for self-service copies.

Providing photoduplication services is stipulated in the National Library Rules and Regulations and its supplement Rules for Making and Delivery of Copies in the NL. Offer of all products and charges for photoduplication services are given the The National Library of the Czech Republic Fees and Services Price List.

Jana Huňová