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Conditions for online renewal of the valid/ expired registration

Annex No. 5 to the Library Rules of the National Library of the Czech Republic

  1. The online renewal of the valid registration is only available to registered users who have settled all their obligations to the NL CR and paid the registration fee for the next period. Online renewal of expired registration is only available to previously registered users with expired registration who have settled all obligations to the NL CR and paid the renewal fee. Online renewal of both the valid and the expired registration is subject to the following conditions.
  2. The Online renewal of the valid NL CR registration is not possible if the user claims any of the discounts (see Price List, Appendix No. 7 of the Library Rules). In such cases, the renewal can be requested individually by e-mail (indicated in the reader account) at or in person in the Main Hall. Online renewal of valid registration is not possible if the user is obliged to provide the proof of residence or temporary protection (a special long-term visa for the stay) in the Czech Republic. The validity of such documents is often shorter than the validity of the registration. In these cases, the registration can only be renewed in person at the Main Hall.
  3. The information whether a registered user can renew his/her registration in the NL CR online can be found in his/her user account (section Login). For users with a valid registration, this information is displayed for 30 days before their registration expires. If the registration has expired, the Online Renewal information is displayed for 2 years (730 days) from the end of the last registration period.
  4. Each time a user logs in to his/her reader account, a new check is always made to see if the Online Renewal of can be offered to the user, depending on the conditions set out in clauses 1 and 2 and the time limits set out in clause 3.
  5. Fee for the Online renewal of registration can only be paid by credit card online and only from the link provided in the registered user's reader account. The amount of the fee for 1 year (365 days) is governed by the current Price List. Upon receipt of payment, a confirmation of payment and a confirmation of the Online renewal of the registration in the NL CR will be sent to the registered user's e-mail address.
  6. Users who have renewed their registration in the NL CR based on online payment do not present their identity document for re-verification during their first physical visit to the NL CR. According to the Library Rules (Part Four, clause 5), the obligation to notify the NL CR without delay of any change in the information required by the NL CR on the registration form remains.
  7. Unless otherwise stated in this appendix, the Library Rules shall apply.