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You are here: Home Services Links Rules and regulations List of services provided by the NL CR for users and visitors with disabilities

List of services provided by the NL CR for users and visitors with disabilities

Annex No. 2 to the Library Rules of the National Library of the Czech Republic

In addition to standard services listed in Annex No. 1 of the Library Rules, the NL CR offers to users with disabilities the services directly oriented on persons with specific needs. The possibility to use the services listed below is usually conditional on presenting the disabled person´s card marked TP, ZTP, or ZTP/P.

To borrow library items from the NL CR (books, magazines and newspapers, etc.), including on-site and interlibrary loans, it is necessary to be a registered user with a valid reader card. To get a copy through interlibrary loan service, a valid registration with the NL CR is required. To use licensed databases and out-of-commerce works in the National Digital Library, a valid registration with the NL CR is required.

User registration and registration renewal

Persons who present a valid TP, ZTP, or ZTP/P disabled person´s card are entitled to free registration and its renewal.

The registration of the persons mentioned above can be renewed remotely by sending an e-mail. Further information is available on the website of the NL CR.

One day admission ticket

Persons who present a TP, ZTP, or ZTP/P card (in the case of ZTP/P, also a person who provides personal assistance, hereinafter referred to as "Personal Assistant") and wish to learn about the services of the NL CR or visit the exhibition on the premises with authorised entry only are provided with a free one day admission ticket that entitles them to enter the library premises with authorised entry only.

Personal assistance service (for ZTP/P card holders)

A holder of a ZTP/P card who uses the services of a Personal Assistant in the NL CR can be a registered user of the NL CR with a valid reader card and a holder of a one day admission ticket. The range of available services depends on this and thus also the tasks in which the Personal Assistant can provide assistance or represent him/her.

Entry of the Personal Assistant into the NL CR premises with authorised entry only in the presence of the holder of the ZTP/P card

The personal assistant enters the NL CR premises with authorised entry only on the basis of:

  • his/ her own reader card or
  • one day admission tickets, issued to the Personal Assistant free of charge in the Main Hall after the holder of the ZTP/P disabled persons' card has presented it.

Mediation of services without the physical presence of the represented person

A Personal Assistant may arrange for all services of the NL CR for registered users of the NL CR with a valid reader card holding a ZTP/P card, without the physical presence of the represented person in the NL CR.

In such case, the Personal Assistant is obliged to present his/her own ID (ID card or passport) and one of the following documents to the NL CR staff:

  • a valid reader card of the person he/she represents (this reader card can also be used to access the premises with authorised entry only)
  • power of attorney from the represented person (officially certified power of attorney or power of attorney signed in front of an employee of the NL CR)

Accompaniment of an assistance dog / Assistance dogs

Registered users with a valid reader card and holders of one day admission ticket who are accompanied by an assistance dog may use the assistance dog in all areas of the NL CR open to the public.

They are required to present a valid dog license when entering the premises.

The assistance dog should also be clearly marked with a harness or vest with the logo of the company that trained it when moving around the premises of the NL CR.

Library assistance service (for ZTP and ZTP/P card holders)

A person with a disability holding a ZTP or ZTP/P card may request library assistance from a member of NL CR staff.

This member of library staff (hereinafter referred to as the "Assistant") is available to the user at a prearranged time and for a period confirmed by the NL CR.

In addition to the standard information, reference and consultation services, the Assistant, if requested by the user, provides personal copying services on self-service copying devices and arranges reprographic services at the workplace of the NL CR in priority mode from 9:00 to 14:30; reprographic services at later hours are provided by the Assistant in standard mode.

The library assistance service can be requested from the NL CR at least two working days in advance, except for the days when the NL CR is closed for operational reasons. The order for library assistance is binding after mutual confirmation. The contact point is the Information Desk in the Main Hall.

Library assistance service can be ordered in the following ways:

  • by e-mail at
  • by phone at +420 221 663 248
  • in person at the Information Desk in the Main Hall of the NL CR

Priority use of reprographic services to order (intended for holders of ZTP and ZTP/P card who have ordered library assistance services)

This service is part of the library assistance service and is not provided separately. Only holders of ZTP and ZTP/P card who have ordered the library assistance service are entitled to use this service. It is provided only on working days from 9:00 to 14:30.

The service, which is related to the Rules for the Provision of Reprographic Services in the NL CR stipulated in Annex No. 11 of the Library Rules, enables the users with a valid ZTP and ZTP/P card to request the Assistant to make copies from the NL CR's collections from the already reserved library units and the reference collections available in the reading rooms. In practice, this means that the Assistant (a member of staff of the NL CR) will take the library unit to the reprographic department of the NL CR between 9:00 and 14:30, and then he/she will arrange for the copies to be collected from the reprographic department of the NL CR and handed over to the user on the same day.

The following formats are copied in the specified quantity in the priority reprographic mode:

Hard copy .... hard copy A4 b&w/colour .... up to 50 pages
Hard copy .... hard copy A3 b&w/colour .... up to 10 pages
Digital draft .... paper copy A3/A4 b&w/colour .... up to 10 pages
Finished microfilm or microfiche from the NL CR collection ..... printed copy A3/A4 .... up to 10 fields from the micro-document

Assistance with copying on self-service devices (for ZTP and ZTP/P card holders)

Persons with disabilities (holders of ZTP and ZTP/P card) may request assistance at any time during the opening hours of the NL CR in the Main Hall or individual reading rooms:

  • copying of the hard copy from the collections of the NL CR
  • printing from electronic or digitised documents from the collections of the NL CR

In the event that health reasons prevent the reader from operating the photocopying equipment, the member of library staff will photocopy for him/her parts of or all library units that can be photocopied self-service. The number of pages, copied by a member of library staff in this way, depends on the operating circumstances.

Self-service copying facilities are available to users at:

  • Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room
  • Reference Centre
  • Periodicals Reading Room
  • Slavonic Library
  • Main Hall

Reprographic services of the NL CR - discount for TP, ZTP and ZTP/P card holders

The standard reprographic services are provided to all users of the NL CR, including the TP, ZTP, ZTP/P card holders, according to the valid rules.

In case the user presents his/her TP, ZTP or ZTP/P card in person or sends a printed/electronic copy of the TP, ZTP, ZTP/P card, he/she is entitled to request a reduced price for the selected services according to the valid Price List, Annex No. 7 to the Library Rules.

The finished copies can be collected in person, by secure electronic transmission (if the legislation allows it), or sent by post free of charge.

Reprographic services may be requested

  • in person in individual reading rooms
  • by e-mail at:
  • by post to the National Library of the Czech Republic, Department of Reference and Interlibrary Loan Services, Mariánské náměstí 190/5, 110 00 Prague 1

Making digital copies from the collection of the NL CR for the Czech Blind United

For the needs of people with severe visual impairments, the NL CR provides digital copies made from documents in its collection in cooperation with the Czech Blind United (SONS).

Digital copies of documents based on text are made by the NL CR according to individual orders placed by the Czech Blind United. The Czech Blind United makes these digital copies available to the particular customer / within its digital library.

Further information can be obtained at