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Use of computing technology, internet and information resource

Annex No. 10 to the Library Rules of the National Library of the Czech Republic

I. Computing technology

  1. The NL CR offers its visitors and users computer technology of various nature and purpose for on-site use (hereinafter also referred to as "Workstations" or "Computers"). Depending on the specific purpose, the configuration, available functions and equipment may vary from computer to computer.
  2. The conditions and duration of use of individual types of Workstations and the possibility of booking are determined by the Visitor Regulations of individual study rooms, the currently valid corresponding instructions or by Service. Preferred are always registered users with a valid reader card who use electronic services, including the Internet, in accordance with the specialization of individual reading rooms or who have ordered the use of a workstation (if the reading room offers this service).
  3. Before taking a seat at the Workstation, the user usually hands over his/her reader card to the Service. He/ she may only start work at the Workstation with the consent of the Service. He/she may only work at the assigned place in the reading room for the period determined by the reading room regulations or the currently valid corresponding instruction.
  4. Users may use permitted data carriers (usually USB) on selected Computers; information about them is given on the particular site.
  5. By agreement with the Service, the users can use designated Computers to print self-service from selected resources, the Internet and their own files. The conditions of self-service printing, including its price, are determined by the Library Rules and its appendices (especially the Price List, Appendix No. 7 to the Library Rules).
  6. All user data are stored on the NL CR Computers only temporarily. The NL CR bears no responsibility for the stored data.
  7. Users may not copy and distribute parts of the Workstations´ operating system and installed applications and programs. Users may not use software other than provided to them in the offer.
  8. Users may not attempt by any means to obtain other access rights or roles that do not belong to them. They may not attempt to gain access to or access the information of other users unless it is part of the service provided. At the same time, they may not knowingly disrupt work or the operation and performance of the Workstation. If the user obtains a privileged status or access rights or a role that does not belong to him/her in any way (including a hardware or software error of the system), he/she is obliged to immediately report this fact to the Service. The data obtained in this way may not be used in any way or passed on to anyone.
  9. The user bears full responsibility for any interventions in the Computer's configuration that could in any way affect the work, operation of the Computer or the data network. Furthermore, he/she is fully responsible for damages caused by his unprofessional handling of computer equipment, including damages caused by computer viruses introduced by him/her. In the event that he/she damages any part of the computer technology, he/she is obliged to reimburse the NL CR for all incurred costs.
  10. Both the user and the visitor acknowledge that the private data that may be communicated through electronic communication when using the Workstations for the user's or visitor's private needs unrelated to library services may not be encrypted. The NL CR is not responsible for their misuse or theft by other entities.
  11. The operation of the NL CR data networks may be limited or interrupted due to necessary technical maintenance, or for other serious reasons. NL CR is not responsible for its possible failure or reduced quality, nor for damages that the user may incur as a result of these circumstances.
  12. The NL CR is not responsible for obligations that could result from the activities of users accessing the Internet on the premises of the NL CR towards third parties.
  13. The network administrator is authorized to monitor the network in order to control and optimize its operation. By using the NL CR computer or the NL CR network for a wireless Internet connection, the user expresses his consent to this monitoring.

II. Access to the Internet

  1. The NL CR offers its users access to the Internet on the NL CR devices (hereinafter referred to as "Fixed Internet connection") and wireless Internet connection (hereinafter referred to as "Wi-Fi").
  2. Fixed internet connection is intended only for registered users with a valid reader card and is available on designated computers in individual reading rooms. The conditions for use of a Fixed Internet connection (length of use of the Computer, the possibility of reserving a Computer, etc.) in individual reading rooms are governed by the currently valid corresponding instruction of the NL CR.
  3. Selected resources of the NL CR available via the Internet on designated computers located in reading rooms (especially the NL CR catalogues, digital libraries) may also be used by visitors with a one day admission ticket (see Appendix No. 1 to the Library Rules).
  4. Wi-Fi is available in the NL CR premises for users and visitors. Information on the technical parameters of the service is published at The NL CR does not provide users with equipment to access the Internet via Wi-Fi. The NL CR also does not provide technical support to those users who use Wi-Fi on their own equipment.
  5. NL CR staff do not provide consultations on the use of the free Internet (e.g. conducting financial transactions, entering advertisements), controlling graphic programs (e.g. editing photos, videos), etc. The use of banking and other applications with access to the user's financial and other accounts is only possible on the user's own responsibility and the NL CR bears no responsibility for any leakage or misuse of data from applications with access to the user's personal and other data.
  6. The availability of Internet services that require the installation of additional software cannot be claimed. The library is not responsible for the non-functionality of websites or Internet services of third parties and reserves the right to refuse information or technical support for these services.
  7. The NL CR monitors access to the Internet. If the user's activity threatens the network and infrastructure of the NL CR, communication will be blocked.

III. Use of information resources

  1. When using works, information and data obtained from or mediated by the NL CR resources, the user is obliged to respect the Copyright Act and other regulations: unless otherwise stated in the license conditions for access to the resource, copyrighted works and objects of protection of the rights of relatives may be used exclusively for personal use, the user may not further disseminate, reproduce, copy, lend, share, distribute (even on a computer network), sell or otherwise use them in any way, especially not for commercial purposes. The user may use publicly accessible databases to an insignificant extent for any purpose, but to a greater extent only for his/her own personal use, for scientific and teaching purposes.
  2. Information resources available on the Internet can only be used in accordance with legal and moral standards. The use of electronic information resources of the NL CR is governed by Appendix No. 8 to the Library Rules. Possible misuse of data and information may be criminal.