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Music Department Reading Room Rules

Rules for Visitors of the Music Department Reading Room, National Library of the Czech Republic

The operation the Music Department Reading Room is governed by the Rules and Regulations of the National Library of the CR and by the following rules.

  1. The Reading Room is intended for study of sheet music, music books stored in the reference library and other units kept in the Music Department collections. In a special régime, there are also available CD recordings from the NL collections.
  2. Services in the Reading Room can be provided only to readers with a valid NL card. It is necessary to fill out a scholar´s form if you wish to use the Union Music Catalogue or to study rare printed documents and music manuscripts. Those, who bought a one-day admission ticket in the NL Main Hall can only visit the Reading Room and study onsite the documents from the reference library.
  3. Before entering the Reading Room, readers shall leave their outdoor coats, jackets and pieces of luggage (suitcases, backsacks etc.) in the NL cloakroom or lockers.
  4. Upon entering the Reading Room, readers shall produce their NL card or a one-day admission ticket to NL staff at the desk.
  5. It is prohibited to use mobile phones in the Reading Room.
  6. Materials from the Music Department collections can only be studied onsite in the Music Reading Room.
  7. For delivery of printed music from the Music Department collections, an advance order is required via the NL online catalogue. Manuscript materials, registered in the RISM database, must be requested by email to: Readers are informed about the processing of their order by e-mail.
  8. A maximum of 6 items of printed and manuscript music at a time may be delivered to a reader.
  9. A reader may request reservation of up to 6 items of printed music for a maximum of 14 days, including the day of request. Manuscript music and items from the reference library do not need reservation.
  10. Readers are responsible for the material being used by or issued personally to them for the whole time.
  11. Readers shall return the items from the store or from the reference library to NL staff at the end of use by the reader. Rare materials and items issued from vault rooms must be returned to NL staff even when leaving the Reading Room for a short time.
  12. A computer in the Reading Room serves only to search the NL online catalogues, to study music databases and electronic media available in the Music Department, to do music and bibliographic retrievals and other specialised musicological activities. Time for work on computer may be restricted to 60 minutes, if there are more readers interested in it. If the computer is occupied, kindly turn to NL staff (see Rules for internet and electronic bibliographic and information resources available in the National Library).
    A digital piano in the Reading Room is intended only to play from sheet music from the NL Music Department collections. Time of playing piano may be restricted to 30 minutes, if there are more readers interested in playing. If the piano is occupied, kindly turn to NL staff.
  13. Based on a duly order, readers may request a particular type of photoduplication service in the Reading Room, for more about the providing see Reproductions Service. Copies of certain materials may be made in a self-service régime at certain places after prior permission by NL staff. The Copyright Act (No. 121/2000 Coll.) does not permit to produce reproductions of manuscript and sheet music published less than fifty years ago and if the author of music died less than seventy years ago.
  14. Possible exceptions to the Regulations on the Conduct of Research, may be permitted only by the Head of the Music Department.

Any breach of the Regulations on the Conduct of Research by readers may result in preventing the access and use of the Reading Rooms of the Music Department, the Manuscripts and Early Printed Books Department, as well as other reading rooms managing conservation and archival collections of the National Library of the CR. Where appropriate, it may also result in other sanctions against the reader pursuant to  Article 6, para 2, of the Rules and Regulations of the National Library of the CR.