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Rules for using computers

  • Before he starts to work, the user is obliged to submit his valid National Library card or temporary card. The user can work within the National Library net only under an assigned user name.

  • The user is not allowed to copy and to distribute parts of the operating system and installed applications of the National Library of the Czech Republic.

  • The user is not allowed to use any other computer programs than the ones provided in the offer.

  • The users can store their results of research directly on a floppy disk. The rules about using floppy disks are variable for each reading room and are parts of rules for individual reading rooms. Floppy disk needed for work at the National Library of the Czech Republic are available at assigned places (Reference Centre, Hall of Services).

  • The user can not try by any means to get access rights or a privileged state that does not belong to him. If the user gets a privileged state or access rights not belonging to him (including software or hardware problems), he is obliged to announce this fact to the service.

  • The user is fully responsible for his possible intervention to the computer configuration which could influence by any means the operation of the computer or the net, the user is also fully responsible for any damage he would cause by his unqualified manipulation with computer devices including damage caused by virus infection.

  • Gained information and data (in any form and on any medium) serve entirely for personaly needs of the user and for educational purposes. It is not allowed in any way to propagate them, reproduce, copy, lend, share, distribute (neither in the computer net), sell or otherwise use especially for commercial use. The user is obliged to respect the copyright protection of data (Law No. 121/2000 Coll. on Copyright, Rights Related to Copyright and on the Amendment of Certain Laws) and other regulations.

  • Possible misuse of data and information can be punished (Law No. 101/2000 Coll., Personal Information Protection Act and Changes of Some Acts.)

Rules for using the Internet and electronic data sources in the National Library of the Czech Republic

Jana Huňová