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You are here: Home Services Ordering documents and their photocopies from the Czech Republic

Ordering documents and their photocopies from the Czech Republic

This service is only for individual users of the National Library. If you can not find the document you are looking for in the databases of the National Library and this document can be found in another library in the Czech Republic, you can order it through the ILL service. In case that the document is not in the Czech Republic it is possible to use the international ILL service. If you have any questions or problems please ask directly staff at the ILL desk, they will gladly help you.

When filling in your requisition or order, please abide the rules concerning the basic bibliographic entries.

You need a valid National Library card to make an order within the Czech Republic.

This service is free of charge. In case you want photocopies of a document and the library is charging for making copies, you will pay the price charged for this service (mostly by postal order).

You will be notified by mail when your order is executed.