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You are here: Home Services Forms Your rating of the services provided by the National Library of the Czech Republic

Your rating of the services provided by the National Library of the Czech Republic


Dear users,

the National Library (NL CR) is in the interim undergoing substantial revitalization. That, of course, means number of restrictions (noise, limited access to collections, moving and closing of the reading rooms, etc.). On the other hand this upheaval gives you a good opportunity to express your opinion, experience or viewpoint and thus to contribute to make the library working better. Your contributions are very valuable to us and please be assured that we will study them closely and might use them for the ground work for the changes.

There is also a printed version of the questionnaire. All information is anonymous and would take about 10 minutes to fill it out. Deposit the printed version into a box marked ANKETA. Boxes are placed in selected public areas of the library.

The survey ends on July 19, 2013.

Basic instruction for completion of the questionnaire

  • For each informative question at the beginning mark one box only; when answering questions concerning specific facts choose one option. Some questions allow you to choose more than one.
  • For the items focused on the quality and extend of provided services please rate the individual services using the scale 1-5 (1 = excellent, 3 = average, 5 = bad).  Mark the selected number on the scale.
  • If you do not use a particular service, leave the scale blank.

Thank you for your cooperation

1. Are you female or male?

2. Please include yourself into appropriate age group:

3. Please include yourself into one of the following groups:

4. Please mark main subject of your interest:
(you may choose more than one topic)
5. How often do you visit NK ČR?

Services in the NL CR after revitalization of Klementinum
In this part of the questionnaire we would like to know your ideas about services that the library might offer after revitalization of its space in Klementinum.
6. NL CR is planning free access within the study spaces. What kind of professional literature in what subjects would you like to see there?
(you may choose more options)

(definitions are available in TDKIV database)
characters remaining
7. Would you welcome individual study rooms for your study or work in smaller groups?

characters remaining
8. Would you welcome to have
characters remaining
9. Would you like to return books outside the library hours to the so called bibliobox?

characters remaining
10. Would you welcome to use mojeID for example when you register?
Information on mojeID

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11. Would you find it useful to pay some charges with your bank card?

If yes, what would be acceptable amount to pay for use of this service?
12. Would you welcome setting up an account in the library that would be connected to your user’s account to which the payment for library services will be added?

characters remaining
13. Would you welcome expanding our reprographic services? Such as binding printed copies, lamination, etc.

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14. Would you welcome expanding a range of e- books´ readers types?

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15. If, in the future, publishers would be willing to allow remote lending Czech e-books; i.e. without you having to visit the NL, would you be prepared to pay for such a service?

If you agree how much would you be willing to pay for one loan?

characters remaining
16. Due to the authorship law the only possibility to study digitized documents is in the library. Which of the listed ways to study them would be most convenient for you?
Digitized dokuments are available in Digital library Kramerius

characters remaining
Evaluation of the current services in the NL CR
In this part of the questionnaire we would like to ask you for your opinion about services presently offered.
17. Do you use web of NL CR to find information about services, catalogues and databases?

characters remaining
18. Is the setting up of the structure and wording of information on the web of NL CR easy to understand?

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19. Is the interface for searching the electronic catalogue NL CR user friendly and logical?

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20. Would you welcome if some resources of NL CR (for example electronic catalogue NL CR or digital library Kramerius) were accessible through special mobile application or mobile interface?

characters remaining
21. Do you know that you can also access foreign databases from home (so called remote access)?
Information on remote access

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22. Do you think that there are enough computer stations in the reading rooms?

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23. Do you consider quality of Wi-Fi connection in the library building satisfactory?

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  Excellent Rather excellent Average Rather bad Very bad
Lending services - Services offered (extent, range)
Lending services - Conditions (cost, time…)
Inter library lending - Services offered (extent, range)
Inter library lending - Conditions (cost, time…)
Photocopying services - Services offered (extent, range)
Photocopying services - Conditions (cost, time…)
Research services - Services offered (extent, range)
Research services - Conditions (cost, time…)
Internet access - Services offered (extent, range)
Internet access - Conditions (cost, time…)
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25. Is the library professional staff able to help you resolve your academic research problems?

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26. Is the present level of library instruction adequate?

If the present level of library instruction is not very interesting for you, would you like more intensive instruction such as:
(choose more options)
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27. Which mode would you prefer to obtain up to date information on services and collections of NL CR?
(you may choose more than one option)
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