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Manuscripts and Early Printed Books Department


A unique fragment of a musical manuscript from the 13th century in a newly digitized manuscript V E 15

The newly digitized manuscript V E 15 hides a unique fragment of a musical manuscript from the 13th century. The fragment contains a record of six two-part compositions, composed in the 13th century in the area of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris. More to find here.


We regularly make videos for you !!! When choosing suitable topics, we try to go through our manuscript and print collections, we try to look for interesting formats and engaging topics. Videos can be viewed so far only in Czech language on the YouTube channel Národní knihovna ČR. The following topics are currently available: Pontifikál Renauda z Baru [Pontificale of Renaud de Bar], Pasionál abatyše Kunhuty [Passional of the Abbess Kunhuta], Oddělení rukopisů a starých tisků Národní knihovny ČR [Department of Manuscripts and Early Printed Books of the National Library CZ], Knihy na řetězech [Chained Books], Bohuslav Balbín a jeho odkaz [Bohuslav Balbín and his Heritage], Cesare Ripe a jeho ikonologie ve fondech Národní knihovny [Cesare Ripe and his Iconology in Collections of the National Library], Neplachova kronika [Chronicle by Neplach], Doba Karla IV. v kronice Přibíka Pulkavy z Radenína [Charles IV´s Period in the Chronicle by Přibík Pulkava from Radenín], Velikonoce ve středověkých rukopisech [Easter in Medieval Manuscripts], Marignolova kronika [Marignola´s Chronicle]. The new video present one of our oldest manuscripts, the fragment of the Gospel of Luke (Zlomek evangelia svatého Lukáše)

Study Room Closed

Closing of the National Library

Dear colleagues, the National Library of the Czech Republic will be closed as a precautionary measure related to spreading COVID-19 from Friday, December 18, 2020.

We apologize for eventual inconveniences and thank you for your kind understanding.

Copies from our collections

If you need any copies from our collections, please contact our colleague Ing. Helena Mrkvanova ( If special requests are necessary, please contact the Head of the Department, Mgr. Jan Vojtíšek ( Professional questions should be directed to individual colleagues (see the Contacts section).

Professional internship for undergraduate and graduate students

We offer unpaid intership opportunities to graduate and undergraduate students interested in exploring a career in library and information science. It has been based on personal needs and on the specific education, training, skills and interest of the student. Stipends are generally not offered by the Department, but we offer an individual approach, a possibility to meet special collections of manuscripts, incunabulas and printed books and a nice working environment. If you are interested, you can contact the Head of Department, Mgr. Jan Vojtíšek, or the contact person PhDr. Renáta Modráková.

Revision of our Study Room Information Guide!!!

Please note the changes to our Information Guide. Among other things, we draw attention to the fact that it is now allowed to take photos from historical collections of all kinds: a camera or a mobile can only be used after a prior consulation and a permission of a stuff in the Study Room, without flash/intense light and only for personal need.

Virtual Exhibitio "...And the Word Became music"

The virtual exhibition “…and the Word Became Music” invites you to the world of books made many centuries ago to record the musical ideas of the people of that era. The concept for the exhibition was developed in collaboration with the Department of Musicology of the Faculty of Arts at Charles University (Lenka Hlávková, musicology students) and the National Library of the Czech Republic (Renáta Modráková) with the technical support of the company AiP Beroun and other subjects, who have provided modern musical transcriptions and recordings for the event (Supraphon, Hyperion Records, Dyškanti, Koniasch Latin Press).

Newly digitized manuscripts

We have digitized for you another twenty-two medieval manuscripts from the shelf-marks V E, F, G (V E 8, V E 13, V E 15, V E 18, V E 20, V E 21, V E 23-V E 25, V F 1, V F 3, V F 8, V F 11, V F 18, V F 19, V F 23, V F 26-V F 28, V G 2, V G 18, V G 24). Among the digitized manuscripts was the recently discovered musical fragment found in codex V E 15. Once again, the educational character of these originals prevailed. But there was also one dictionary and one astronomical and one medical manuscript among them. The decoration of the manuscripts is generally simple.All digitized manuscripts are accessible in the Manuscriptorium Digital Library.


Order books to our Reading Room electronically: from the General Catalogue I, separate (the separate mode is for ordering 1. Manuscripts, Incunabula; 2. Early Printed Books via STT).