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Deputy Director for Science, Research and International Relations

Phone: +420-221 663 274



Address: National Library of the CR
Deputy Director for Science, Research and Intl. Relations
Klementinum 190
CZ 110 01 PRAGUE 1
Deputy Director: Mgr. Zuzana Bolerazká

Deputy Director for Science, Research and International Relations

It is responsible for research and development in the NL, especially for the development of the NL as a scientific institution. It coordinates institutional research, it works out strategy of the NL development as a scientific institution, and it performs necessary acts to negotiate with the founder, or with the Research, Development and Innovation Council, an advisory body of the Government of the Czech Republic. It processes data and submits reports on research results achieved in all the NL research activities to the individual providers; it prepares relevant statistical reports for the Czech Statistical Office (CSO).

The office keeps records of other research activities as well as non-research application projects and it provides necessary coordination to their project researchers.

The office develops and coordinates international cooperation of the NL, including the international contracts. It coordinates the collaboration with international governmental and non-governmental organizations.  It keeps records of the NL membership in international organizations and is responsible for the membership fee payment from the NL budget.

Zuzana Bolerazká