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Office of the General Director

Phone: +420-221 663 187
Address: National Library of the CR
Office of the
General Director
Mariánské náměstí 190/5
CZ 110 00 PRAGUE 1
Director: Irena Klausová
Assistent of the General Director: (ext. 262)
Department - Head:

1. Legal Department Mgr. Josf Řihák (ext. 465,495)

2. Foreign Relations Section - Bc. Ene Päts (l. 159), Mgr. Jitka Pejsová (l. 260)
3. The NL Archives Section - PhDr. Kateřina Hekrdlová (ext. 578)
4. Records Management Department - Mgr. Lucie Štěpánková (ext. 320)

Office of the NL General Director
It is a unit on the level of a division, managed by a director. It provides administrative and organizational backup and information service for the pursuance of the function of the NL General Director. It provides administrative, coordination and organizational support to subordinate units.


1. Legal Department
It is a unit on the level of a department managed by a head. It provides the NL with legal service, mainly concerning commercial, civil, managerial, administration, and labour law, and if need be, also that of copyright. It is authorized to represent the NL at courts of all levels, in proceedings with other competent bodies and in negotiations with the other party in order to settle the dispute out of court. It provides advisory and consultancy services and prepares documents of the legal character.


Foreign Relations Section

It is a unit on the level of a section. It prepares a plan of the NL staff business trips abroad and coordinates their realization including the check of expenditures. It cooperates with other NL units in the area of international relations regarding the business trips abroad and the visits of foreign groups in the NL. It retrieves and establishes foreign contacts necessary for the needs of the NL, it coordinates exchange study trips and visits based on concluded agreements with libraries abroad.


The NL Archives Section

It is a unit on the level of a section. Based on the laws of the Act No. 499/2004 Coll. on the Archives and Records Service, it works as specialized archives. It manages documents arising from the activities of the NL and its legal predecessors and manages also other holdings and collections that have been transferred to the NL or have been sorted out of its own holdings. In accordance with the Archives Reading Room Rules and Regulations, it provides access to the official archival documents and in cooperation with the Centre of Communication it provides information on them in word and writing. It methodically manages the NL records office and in collaboration with other NL organizational units it arranges for shredding of written documents.


Records Management Department

It is a unit on the level of a department managed by a head. It ensures the operation of the NL post office and records service throughout the whole NL including Hostivař Central Depository. It manages the records service electronical system including the data box. In accordance with the Act No. 499/2004 Coll., on the Archives and Records Service, it is responsible for the operation of post registry, professional administration of documents incl. discarding, operation of the NL post office and the NL central document registry. It operates the electronic system of post registry incl. the data box. It keeps records and statements. Is participates in forming internal regulations connected with post registry operation.


Irena Klausová