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Digitization and Technologies

Phone: +420-221 663 569
Bc. Petra Burdová - CV
Fax: +420-221 663 116
Address: National Library of the CR
Digitization and Technologies
Klementinum 190
CZ 110 00 PRAGUE 1
Director: Bc. Petra Burdová
Section - Director:

1. ICT Division -

1.1. User Support Department - František Chlubna (ext. 247)
1.2. ICT Operations Department - Vojtěch Bárta (ext. )
1.3. SW Aplication Operations - Ing. Inna Skoupá (776626728)

2. Digitization and Library Systems - Ing. Petr Kukač (ext. 537,334)
2.1. Scanning and Reprographics Department - Petra Píplová (ext. 448, 397)
2.2 Metadata Department - Bc. Ondřej Lehrl (ext. 530)

2.3 Library System Department - Radovan Zahořík (ext. 385,171)


3. Processes & Support Department - Ing. Michaela Ungrová (ext. 413)

Digitization and Technologies

It is a unit on the level of a division, managed by a director.
The division provides technical support to central information systems operated by the NL as well as the application and infrastructure administration of IT systems, service and support to users of computer technologies in the NL. It provides services in preparation, realization and operation of ICT. It provides the planned accessibility of services of ICT, its maintenance and monitoring. It is responsible for managing the business relations with ICT suppliers and service providers. It submits proposals for effective use of centralized IT sources, it submits documents for and collaborates on creation of the NL IT development strategy and enterprise architecture.

Petra Burdová