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Information Security Department

Phone: +420 221 663 413
Address: National Library of the CR
Information Security Department
Klementinum 190
CZ 110 00 PRAGUE 1
Head: Ing. Michaela Ungrová

Information Security Department

It is a unit on the level of a department, managed by a head, reporting directly to the Deputy-Director for Digitization and Technologies. It sets internal technical and technological standards of the organization. It proposes standards of registration and protection of computer technology used by employees. It collects information necessary to evaluate the degree of risks associated with ensuring the operation of the technological part of the NL ICT infrastructure. It proceeds in compliance with the available ISO standards, especially those on active security and reliability of ICT infrastructure using ITIL processes. It coordinates and manages incidents in the process field, and executes activities related to the requests of individual users by means of the SD central system.

Michaela Ungrová