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Phone: +420-221 663 294, +420-221 663 108
Fax: +420-221 663 116
Address: National Library of the CR
Klementinum 190
CZ 110 00 PRAGUE 1
Director: Ing. Johana Novotná MBA
Departement - Head: 1. Preparation Department - Ing. Alena Jankovcová (ext. 108)
2. Implementation Department - Libor Beneš (ext. 536)

It is a unit on the level of a division, managed by a director.
It implements investment projects in accordance with approved plans. It coordinates and organizes deployment of the NL organizational units. It provides coordination and methodical service and control within the scope of its competence (incl. grant projects). It monitors new trends in the sphere of its competence and proposes their application. It submits proposals of policies and plans in the area of the NL investment development. It represents the NL in negotiations with bodies and organizations in cases concerning extensive investment activity of the NL, focused mainly on the construction of a new depository in Hostivař and the revitalisation of the Klementinum. It realizes the investment projects according to specific plans in cooperation with other NL units.


Preparation Department

It is a unit on the level of a department, managed by a head.

It ensures preparation of investment plans and subsequently project preparation of all stages. It performs engineering, it negotiates with the concerned authorities  and organisations. It is responsible for property rights settlements. It currently monitors drawdown of approved and allocated funds. It ensures and coordinates preparation of procurements in the NL, it proposes the plan of internal arrangements for running the NL with maximum effectiveness in the period of the ongoing revitalisation.


Implementation Department
It is a unit on the level of a department, managed by a head.
It implements construction investment projects according approved plans, namely the construction of a new depository in Hostivař and revitalization of the Klementinum. It performs continuous construction supervision. It supervizes economic and technical procedures during construction, the compliance with general requirements for construction and with other measures issued to realize the construction. It communicates with competent authorities and bodies. It keeps necessary technical and economic documentation.