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Modern Digital Collections Division

Phone: +420 221 663 102
Address: National Library of the CR
Modern Digital Collections Division
Klementinum 190
CZ 110 00 PRAGUE 1
Director: Mgr. et Bc. Michaela Bežová

Mgr. Marie Haškovcová

1. Department of Digital Collections Standards - Mgr. Filip Pavčík, Ph.D. (ext. 595)

2. Webarchive Department - Mgr. Marie Haškovcová (ext. 439)
3. Digital Document Management and Archiving - Mgr. Jana Hrzinová (ext. 546)

Digital Collections Division


Department of Digital Collections Standards

It is a unit on the level of a department, managed by a head.

The department finds, analyzes, implements, supports and develops standards necessary for long-term preservation (LTP) of digital data, such as metadata formats, unambiguous identifiers, image data formats etc. It monitors and evaluates expenditures connected with LTP of individual types of data. Within the NL, it monitors the adherence to and use of LTP standards in key systems (audit). It watches trends in this sphere and implements them into conception, functionality and adjustment of LTP system, into the way of coordination within the NL (digitising, web archiving etc.) and also into planning the preservation within the LTP system. An important role of the department is in its function of a coordinator within the whole Czech Republic, i.e. it provides consultancy in this field to other institutions. In order to ensure continuity between national standards and the international context, staff of the department is involved in national and above all international projects in this area. The department covers the area of LTP system standards implemented within the project The Creation of the National Digital Library.


Webarchive Department

It is a unit on the level of a department, managed by a head.

It is responsible for search, registration, preservation, and access to domestic web resources. It outlines the aquisition policy in this field, selects web resources and negotiates with their publishers about providing access licences. It describes the resources selected to be included in the NL catalogue and the Czech National Bibliography. In cooperation with internal and external establishments, it ensures information technologies to acquire and archive the "Czech web". In accessing, archiving and providing access to the online resources, it supervises the observance of the legislative conditions and prepares necessary legislative changes, if need be. It checks technical quality and makes necessary steps to secure the long-term access to the archived web contents. It develops methodology and takes part in research and development in national and international web archiving projects.


Digital Document Management and Archiving 
It is a unit on the level of a department, managed by a head.
It co-creates and implements conceptual development of the system for long-term preservation of digital data (LTP system), including the NL strategy in this area. It determines and ensures daily operation, administration and management.of the LTP system content in terms of library processes so that the data have passed through all the processes and the system has fulfiled its function of providing long-term preservation of and access to archival digital documents. The department staff negotiate with data producers (both in the NL and outside it), publishers and other institutions that store or want to store their data in the LTP system. To acquire, archive and provide access to the digital documents, the department secures complying with the legislative conditions and, if need be, it prepares necessary legislative changes. In order to develop and keep the LTP system at the particular professional level, the department is involved in solutions of national and mainly international projects in this sphere. The department covers the area of daily operation, administration, content management and development of the LTP system implemented within the project Creation of the National Digital Library. It monitors trends and, if need be, it tests and analyzes new solutions.

Michaela Bežová