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Rules of information technology use in Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room

  1. There are two working stations available for the users in the Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room.
    1. Working station no. 1 is designated for making accessible the electronic documents (DVD, CD-ROM, diskettes, etc.) delivered from the National Library stacks and those from the Reading Room reference collection. The National Library registered users only are entitled to access these documents. Electronic documents whose principal part constitutes a computer programme are not delivered to the user.
    2. Working station no. 2 is designated for providing access to
      • the National Library catalogues
        • OPAC, database NKC – information on the National Library holdings which you may place an order on for the use in the reading rooms (or, as the case may be, for check-out), as well as information on those items included in the reading rooms reference collections
        • RetrIS – scanned National Library General Catalogue with acqusitions up to 1994 (it enables you to place an order and keeps you informed on the status of its processing)
      • the National Library databases
        • eg. KRAMERIUS – digital copies primarily of Czechia-based (and exile Ukranian) print
        • eg. MANUSCRIPTORIUM – digital copies of old manuscripts
        • eg. journal Knihovna plus / Národní knihovna
      • the National Library web pages.

      This working station is available for use to all users including those with a daily ticket.

    3. The priority of use of the working stations in the Reading Room is stipulated as follows:
      1. the work with the electronic documents delivered from the NL central stacks or with those included in the Reading Room reference collection as well as with online electronic resources made available by a publisher as the constituent part of the work used by a registered user,
      2. the work with the online electronic resources referred to in the work used by a registered user,
      3. the work with the National Library databases or catalogues,
      4. other uses. The user with a lower priority use shall cede the seat within three minutes. In doubts, the librarian decides.
  2. For the use of information technology, general Rules for using computers and Rules for internet and electronic bibliographic and information resources available in the National Library of the Czech Republic apply.
  3. If it is in compliance with the copyright terms and conditions of the use of a source the registered user is allowed to download its copy onto his/her own diskette. If the copyright terms and conditions are not stated expressly at the access to the source address always the librarian. (For export of digital copies from databases, and from the database Kramerius in particular, stands generally in force that the copies must not be made of the documents published later than 1880. It is permissible to make a paper copy of an item in all databases.) A registered user’s own diskette must be reformatted before the start of the work.
  4. The users are obliged, in particular, to use the information sources in compliance with the statutory provisions of the Czech Republic as well as in compliance with generally accepted moral norms.
  5. In the Reading Room, the users may use their own portable computers, including the service of wireless Internet access (Wi-Fi).

Prague, 22 February 2006.

Mgr. Jan Švejda
librarian in charge,
the Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room

Jana Huňová