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The NL services

The National Library provides on-site library service to the public in a limited mode. Survey and conditions of providing services ...
The NL services


Based on the Measure of the Ministry of Health No.14601/2021-28/MIN/KAN dated of 20 November 2021 the National library of the CR provides library services to the public, in a limited mode and capacity.

Persons who arrive at the NL buildings and stay inside the library MUST:

  • Wear a respirator FFP2 or KN95 without an exhalation valve or a nanofiber face mask certified as FFP2 that fully covers the nose and mouth for the whole stay inside.
  • Disinfect their hands at the NL building entrance.
  • Keep a 1,5 meter distance inside the NL buildings.
  • Respect other instructions (written, spoken or visual) that help organize the movement and stay in the NL.


Survey, schedule and conditions of providing services (until further notice)

Opening Hours of the NL

Main Hall

  • The number of users present in the Main Hall will be limited at the entrance in order to keep the limit of 10 m2 per one user.
    - Persons may enter the Main Hall only if they need to borrow/ return a book, to use photoduplication services, or the NL computers, the registration service, or if they need to consult Information and advisory service, or the NL card catalogues.
  • Off-site loans
    - We will appreciate if the reader brings his/ her own ballpoint pen to sign the lending form.

  • Returning books
    - You can use the NL library return box (bibliobox) to return books, however it is not intended for returning DVDs, CD-ROMs and documents borrowed from other libraries through ILL service; books can also be returned by using delivery services, if you decide for Česká pošta, it is necessary to send them as a registered/ insured shipment.

  • Renewal of reader cards, registration of new readers

  • To order documents that are not to be found in the online NL catalogue can be ordered via the scanned catalogues, you may also contact the Information and advisory service at,

Services available in the NL Reading Rooms

  • Study of physical documents from the NL collections in selected NL reading rooms.
  • WiFi connection
  • Self-service copying
  • Copies made to order from selected types of documents
  • Readers´ computers with the access to the National Digital Library and Digital Library Kramerius 3
  • Readers´ computers with the access to the NL catalogues, Internet
  • Self-service printing (from digital libraries, microdocuments)
  • Self-service orders from the scanned catalogues


Basic Conditions of the Reading Rooms Operation:

  • Only the NL registered readers or those with a one-day Admission Ticket are permitted to enter the designated NL areas and reading rooms

  • When you want to use reading rooms and the Main Hall you needn´t produce any certificate of a negative coronavirus test, vaccination or certificate on suffering covid-19 disease

  • Conditions for operation study seats and technologies require special measures:
    - The number of study seats is limited, seating is arranged to secure the space of 10 m2 per one user and a 1,5 metre distance between users.
    - Study seats are designated primarily for studying documents from the NL collections.
    - Study seats cannot be booked in advance.
    - Readers cannot wilfully change study seats or change placing of furniture.
    - When all seats in the reading room are occupied, the user is obliged to leave the reading room.
  • New requests for loans can be placed through the NL online catalogue or via the scanned catalogues.

  • Issue of volumes (library items) for on-site use and return thereof to NL staff proceeds at the circulation desk as usual.
    - Kindly keep a 1,5 metre distance between readers when waiting in line (follow floor graphics).
    - Disinfect your hands at the circulation desk, disinfection is available there.
  • We remind readers that is is necessary to maintain enhanced hygiene measures.
    You must disinfect your hands at the entrance to the reading room; inside the particular reading room, disinfection is always available at the circulation desk.
    - You must disinfect your hands before taking out a volume from open access shelves and after using your handkerchief or tissue as well.
    - When you study volumes especially from open access shelves, you shoul not touch mucous membrane.
    - Kindly take into account that we must open windows more often to let fresh air in, even when the weather is cold.

  • National Digital Library – COVID is available to University students and pedagogues as well as to college students and staff of scientific institutions until the end of June 2021. The access is possible at or, i.e. also through Wi-Fi in the NL reading rooms.

Other conditions of readers´ stay in the NL building

  • Public toilets are separated from those for NL staff. We ask readers to respect the separation for the reasons of hygiene.

  • Buffet in the NL
    - In working days from 11 am to 1 pm, the buffet is accessible only to NL staff; except for the aforementioned times the buffet is available also to the NL readers.
    - The NL readers, who intend to use the NL buffet (including food and drink consumption) can enter the buffet interior only if they fulfill current conditions stipulated for the operation of restaurants
  • Eating and drinkink is forbidden in the corridors.

  • Rest areas on the ground floor and on the second floor are in operation.

  • Exhibitions, except those in the Klementinum Gallery, are accessible to the NL registered users and those with a one-day Admission Ticket.

Prague, 22  November 2021