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Signal Festival 2021

Signal is a festival of digital and creative culture. In 9 years, it has welcomed more than 3 million spectators in Prague. Join us in the Klementinum.
Signal Festival 2021

Signal Festival

Signal is a festival of digital and creative culture. During its nine years of existence, it has welcomed more than 3 million visitors in Prague. It links contemporary visual art, urban space and modern technologies. It has become the most visited cultural event in Czechia. The programme is created by renowned foreign and Czech artists in the area of light design, visual and digital art, AI and conceptual art. The festival likes to educate itself as well as its visitors. It links the historical backdrop of beloved Prague with state-of-the-art technologies and contemporary social issues. Signal festival is one of the greatest producers of contemporary art in our country. It supports the youngest generation of local artists and originated the creation of over seventy installations that were created especially for the festival. It organizes side-events for children, professional public and students. It cooperates with numerous foreign festivals and cultural institutions.

Join four installations in the Klementinum, October 14-17, 2021
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