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New Publications

Pod znakom katalogov i materialov k… V. N. Tukalevskij i russkaja kniga za rubežom. 1918–1936 gg. / Marija Magidova

Focusing on Catalogues and Materials… V. N. Tukalevskii and the Russian Book in Emigration. 1918–1936 / Marija Magidová

1st ed. – Prague – Saint Petersburg, 2016 – 800 p. – ISBN 978-80-7050-668-4 (978-5-89091-484-2)

The book by the literary scholar and long-term employee of the Slavonic Library in Prague Marija Magidová Pod znakom katalogov i materialov k… [Focusing on Catalogues and Materials…] is not merely a biography of the Russian bibliographer, economist, journalist, expert in literary culture and historian Vladimir Nikolaevich Tukalevskii (1881–1936) – the author captures his life in all the key places, from Poltava and Kiev to Saint Petersburg and Terioki (now Zelenogorsk) all the way to Prague, where he spent the last part of his life. In addition, it is a kind of chronicle of the Russian book culture of the end of the 19th century and the first third of the 20th century, for which the author uses the composition of the unique personal library of V. N. Tukalevskii. Last but not least, the book maps the origin and the first years of the existence of the Slavonic Library in Prague, whose foundation Tukalevskii initiated in 1924 (the original name of the library was “Russian”) – his own extensive collection of books, periodicals and documents became the core of the library; until the end of his life, he administered the library’s Russian section.

The book by Marija Magidová is a result of long-term research into the fates of Russian books and their owners – intellectuals forced to leave Russia by the situation there in the first third of the 20th century. It has been published by the Symposium publishing house in Saint Petersburg thanks to the long-term programme-based scientific cooperation between the Slavonic Library and the Information and Cultural Centre “Russkaia Emigratsia” in Saint Petersburg. The title has been come out in Russian and is complemented by an extensive pictorial supplement.

Price: 360,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Slovanská knihovna – můj osud (mozaika vzpomínek) / Jiří Vacek

The Slavonic Library – My Fate (A Mosaic of Memories) / Jiří Vacek

1st ed. – Prague, 2016 – 174 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 77) – ISBN 978-80-7050-671-4

The memoirs of PhDr. Jiří Vacek, a librarian, Slavic scholar, literary historian, and an internationally recognised expert on the issues of Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian émigrés in 1918‒1945. Since 1964, Jiří Vacek has been working in the Slavonic Library in Prague (a part of the National Library of the Czech Republic now), one of the most important libraries focused on Slavic Studies all over the world; he was its director in 1978‒1992.

In his memoirs, he focuses in particular on the more than half a century of work in the Slavonic Library, mentioning remarkable events in the history of the library, acquainting the reader with a wide myriad of figures (the staff of the library as well as Slavic Studies researchers from all over the world) that have come into contact with the library since its establishment in 1924. The book The Slavonic Library – My Fate is different from traditional memoirs – it rather maps the history of the Slavonic Library and the lives of the people connected with it. In the colourful patchwork of diverse stories (of people as well as books), the author himself remains more in the background.

Price: 220,- CZK

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Zmizelý svět Podkarpatské Rusi ve fotografiích Rudolfa Hůlky (1887–1961)
The Lost World of Subcarpathian Rus’ in the Photographs of Rudolf Hůlka (1887–1961) / Hana Opleštilová – Lukáš Babka

2nd ed. – Prague, 2016 – 300 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 78) – ISBN 978-80-7050-667-7

The second edition of the Czech-English publication presenting a selection of photographs from the large collection of visual materials created in the first third of the 20th century by the Czech ministerial official, translator of Ukrainian literature and amateur photographer Rudolf Hůlka (1887–1961). The entire collection, which has been preserved in the depository of the Slavonic Library in Prague, includes more than 4,400 visual materials depicting Subcarpathian Rus’, Slovakia, Moravia, Bohemia and to a lesser extent other parts of Europe and North Africa.

The books consist of three parts: an introductory essay outlining Rudolf Hůlka’s biography, an album containing reproductions of nearly 200 selected photographs mainly from Subcarpathian Rus’ made in the first half of the 1920s and also from other selected geographical areas visited by Hůlka, and a complete catalogue of Hůlka’s visual materials related to Subcarpathian Rus’ containing 1,451 items. The Foreword was written by American librarian, Slavist and art historian Edward Kasinec.

The representative selection of photographs captures all themes and geographic regions captured by Rudolf Hůlka’s camera in Subcarpathian Rus’; they also provide examples of all the materials used during Hůlka’s photographic activities: hand-colored, color and black-and-white glass slides, as well as black-and-white glass and celluloid negatives.

Price: 420,- CZK

Distribution of the book is provided, besides the Slavonic Library, by the online bookshop

Rudolf Hůlka: Fotografie Rómov z Podkarpatskej Rusi zo začiatku 20. storočia / Autoři textů: Hana Opleštilová, Lukáš Babka, Alexander Mušinka

Rudolf Hůlka: Photographs of the Roma from Subcarpathian Rus’ from the Beginning of the 20th Century / Authors of the texts: Hana Opleštilová, Lukáš Babka, Alexander Mušinka

1st ed. – Prague, National Library of the CR – Slavonic Library; Prešov, Regional Centre for Roma Issues, 2015 – 23 p. – ISBN 978-80-7050-648-6

The publication presents a collection of twelve previously unknown photographs of the Roma from the estate of the Czech official, translator and amateur photographer Rudolf Hůlka, which is in the holdings of the Slavonic Library in Prague. Its content partly draws on the book The Lost World of Subcarpathian Rus’ in the Photographs of Rudolf Hůlka (1887–1961), which was published by the National Library in 2014. Hůlka’s pictures of the Roma are exceptional not only for their high artistic and documentary value, but also for their thematic focus. Unlike other authors, who primarily documented the life of the settled Roma or a Roma colony, Hůlka focused on the nomadic Roma. The published photographs make it possible, for instance, to observe the differences in clothing between the settled and nomadic Roma, to study their way of living, the jewellery of young girls, and to learn something about the composition and size of Roma groups.

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Na trnitých cestách života a tvorby. Sborník příspěvků ze sympozia pořádaného u příležitosti životního jubilea Františka Kautmana / Sestavily Miluša Bubeníková a Radka Hříbková

On the Thorny Paths of Life and Work. Proceedings of the Symposium Organised on the Occasion of a Life Anniversary of František Kautman / Edited by Miluša Bubeníková and Radka Hříbková

1st ed. – Prague, 2015 – 264 p. – (Publikace Slovanské knihovny; 75) – 978-80-7050-645-5

Proceedings from the symposium devoted to a life anniversary of PhDr. František Kautman, a significant Czech literary scholar and writer, which was organised by the Dostoevsky Society in Prague in cooperation with the Slavonic Library in January 2012. Papers at the symposium were presented by people who shared professional interests with the honouree in various stages of his colourful and complex life, mainly literary scholars and his former colleagues from the Academy of Sciences. Papers were also given by Kautman’s companions in dissent and a guest from abroad dealing with the work of F. M. Dostoevsky. The proceedings contain, besides the texts presented at the symposium, also an article on Kautman’s work dealing with the legacy of Egon Hostovský, a treatise on the Club of Liberated Samizdat as well as Kautman’s two longer works devoted to authors who played crucial roles in his life – F. M. Dostojevsky and F. Kafka. At the end of the volume, the reader will find a name index and the first published list of Kautman’s works and bibliography of works on František Kautman.

Price: 195,- CZK

Further information (PDF)

Distribution of the book is provided, besides the Slavonic Library, by the online bookshop