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Social and Natural Sciences Reading Room

COVID-19 Mode of Operation: Rules for the Users as of 29 June 2020

LOCATION Ground floor, door no. 24-26 (next to the General Reading Room)
TELEPHONE 221 663 146
221 663 111 (operator)

Mo-Sat: 9.00-19.00

(July-August  Mo-Fri 9.00-19.00)

Anybody with a valid National Library card or an admission ticket, may use the Social and Natural Science Reading Room.

Social and Natural Science Reading Room Regulations (in Czech only)
  • almost eight thousand volumes of encyclopedias, handbooks and a selection of Czech and foreign-language monographs, mainly in the humanities and social and natural sciences
    Volumes are categorized in Classified Arrangement of the Social and Natural Science Reading Room
  • the National Library databases and a selection of other resources are accessible on a LAN working station
  • 50+ electronic resources (especially CD-ROMs)
  • you will find shelf marks of the Reading Room collection in OPAC (records with a note „in reading room - NATURAL SCIENCE READ.ROOM“; items with a note „open shelves“ – you may pick yourselves, for items with notes „at the desk“ please ask the librarian)
  • there is a PC-work-station with acces to the OPAC (NL Catalogue, CASLIN Union Catalogue, etc.) in the Reading Room
  • do not hesitate to ask a librarian for the help
  • use of materials from the Reading Room reference collection
    • for your convenience publications are mostly on open shelves
    • ask the librarian for the ones shelved at the desk or on dedicated racks
  • delivery of microfilms and microfiches
  • -there is a limit of maximum 10 items; reservation of materials for  up to 7 days only
  • in the case you need to use a print item delivered from the stacks jointly with a non-print material or an online resource address the librarian
  • delivery of materials with sound (and, in exceptional cases, audio-visual) recordings
  • making accessible electronic resources (CD-ROMs, diskettes ...)
    • please note: making accessible non-print material takes place in reduced opening hours
  • referral and consulting services
  • self-service copying
  • photoduplication orders
  • Rules of information technology use in Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room
  • Wireless Internet Access (Wi-Fi)
  • two places for persons with a grave physical disability and their assistants


Librarian in charge: PhDr. Michal Hora

Zdeněk Matušík

in the season of festivities at the end of December 2018 & New Year 2019, the items are held for you for the period of 6 opening days as in other time of year.

For your convenience, please find below the schedule of the hold:


Day of storage

(delivery, prolongation, storing)

Last day of the hold

15. 12. – Saturday

22. 12. – Saturday

17. 12. – Monday

7. 1. – Monday

18. 12. – Tuesday

8. 1. – Tuesday

19. 12. – Wednesday

9. 1. – Wednesday

20. 12. – Thursday

10. 1. – Thursday

21. 12. – Friday

11. 1. – Friday

22. 12. – Saturday

12. 1. – Saturday

27. 12. – Thursday

28. 12. – Friday

29. 12. – Saturday

2. 1. – Wednesday

3. 1. – Thursday

4. 1. – Friday

5. 1. – Saturday

7. 1. – Monday

13. 1. – Monday