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National Library Operation

As of 10 September 2020, the users and visitors of the National Library are obliged to wear cloth face coverings or face masks inside the National Library.
National Library Operation


as of 10 September 2020

Opening hours as of 31 August 2020 here >>>

Access to the reserved NL area is only allowed for the Registered Users and, subject to a prior arrangement, for the visitors.

  • To pass the stile at the entrance to the reserved area, the NL User Card or the Visitor Card is needed

Measures adopted in relation to the present epidemiological situation

ATTENTION! With regard to the deteriorating epidemiological situation and based on the decision of the Minister of Health of the CR the health and hygiene measures adopted by the National Library of the CR, effestive as of 10 September are as follows: All persons must wear face masks covering their mouth and nose in the indoor spaces of the National Library of the CR to prevent dissemination of covid-19 desease, If you take a seat in the NL reading room you must have covered your mouth and nose.

The persons are still obliged, upon entry to the National Library premises as well as during their stay there, to disinfect their hands. Movements of persons within the NL premises and number of seats in the Reading Rooms are still subject to regulation.

Toilets & WC for the public and the staff are separate. Please respect the measure.

The bistro is open both for the staff and for the NL Users.

Specifics of the operation of particular Reading Rooms are available on their web pages:

General Reading Room
Social & Natural Sciences Reading Room
Scholars Reading Room
Reference Centre
Periodicals Reading Room
Slavonic Library Reading Room
Library of Librarianship Literature
Manuscripts & Early Printed Books Reading Room
Music Department Reading Room
Hostivař Reading Room

The Principle Rules of Operation:

  • the Users are obliged to disinfect their hands upon entry to any of the NL Reading Rooms
  • the rules of access to the Reading Rooms on the ground floor change:
    • there is no obligation to reserve, online & in advance, a seat at the table
    • in the Reference Centre, it is possible to place, online & in advance through the User Account, a reservation for working time on a computer station, for the purposes of:
      • access to the digital Library Kramerius
      • access to the Internet (or document editing);
      • Users with no reservation will be assigned a computer station according to the current situation in the Reading Room.
  • conditions for operation study seats and technologies require special measures:
    • the number of study seats is limited, seating is arranged so as to secure the required distance between the Users
      • in view of the limited availability, the seat occupied but not used for a long time (30 minutes and more) shall be make free
    • Users shall not shift the arrangement of the study seats
        • a co-operating couple may ask staff for adjustment
    • keep the required distance between Users while waiting in a que (note the marks)
    • there is a disinfecting agent available at every Reading Room entrance as well at the staff desk
  • advise the staff on finishing the work on each of the NL computer station, even the freely accessible one


Prague, 28 August 2020

PhDr. Mgr. Jana Huňová
Head, Public Services Division